The Way YOU Want It

Experience custom cuts and special ordered meat from your beloved online butcher delivered directly to your doorstep! Rebel Meats offers custom cut specifications and items not available on our main product pages. We will tailor these items to YOUR desires and procure additional items exclusively for you!

Custom Order FAQ'S

What Can I Special Order

Send in your requests and try us! If we can't source or produce it we'll let you know. But I bet we can...

How Does It Work?

You ask, We answer. RFP is also a wholesale distributor which sales to chef driven restaurants. So we have access to just about any protein you’re thinking of, not just whats listed!

How Long Will It Take?

That is on a case by case basis. Sourcing and production may take 1 week and after that standard shipping applies. (Be sure to put in your preferred delivery date).