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Where Does Your Meat Come From?

Our meat hails from handpicked ranches and suppliers in Texas and other rich livestock hotspots across the US. Chosen by breed, feed, and grade to deliver quality products!

How Is The Meat Shipped?

Shipments are sent in insulated containers, with ice packs or dry ice as needed. Place directly in the freezer until ready to eat.

How Is The Product Packaged?

Most items are processed, frozen, and vacuum sealed individually at our site. To help keep it Fresh!

How Long Will My Order Take?

Orders typically require 2-3 business days for processing, based on the order date. Shipping durations vary from 1-3 business days, depending on location. Orders are typically shipped out between Monday - Wednesday.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Owens
Yabba Dabba Doo Ribs/ Flintstone Ribs/ Brontosaurus Ribs

As a repeat customer,
The ribs were a big hit with my (3) neighborhood moms on Mother’s Day. This is not my first smoked Dino Rib event. Trimmed fat cap rendered away nicely, amazing bark. tenderness “Oh My” required very little chewing effort for these 85+ year old darlings; even with their good teeth in. 😁
Smoked with favorite rub, charcoal briquettes and Hickory chunks (offset & indirect) @ 225*F to 240*F, spritzing after first 3 hour. Then every hour afterwards until internal meat temperature reaches 180*F-183*F. Remove, add sauce at this point (I do not). Wrapped with butcher paper or foil tightly, so meat does not steam. Return to grill. Until internal temperature reaches 200*F. Remove (it’ll continue to cook to 203*F) and let it rest before serving. Sauce on the side. But this is just my process. You do your tastebuds.
Thank you, Josh & Rebel!